By The Numbers – Here’s What People Think About The New Vegas Strip Steak

Linette Lopez| Aug. 7, 2012, 12:29 PM

Before you put a new, widely untested cut of steak in your mouth, you should hear what people in-the-know are saying about it.

That’s why we’ve been following this steak story so closely. The Vegas Strip steak is the new, moderately priced cut of steak that industry experts unveiled in Chicago this April. These masters of meat discovered a new way to cut the cow that hadn’t been seen before and it’s just now being rolled out across the country.

In fact, New York City’s local celebrity butcher, Pat La Freida bought some for his shop.

But none of that matters as much as what people think about how the Vegas strip tastes. And we need data! Something scientific! Numbers!

Luckily the ranchers and meat producers of Wichita Falls, Texas took a pretty rigorous poll on the matter, the Times Record News reports. They were trying to figure out whether they should start cutting and selling the steak themselves, and their decision was based on a number metrics including juiciness, taste, profitability…

You get the picture.

So lets go down the list and check out the results:

  • Is the steak “acceptable?”: 85.4% of those polled said it was acceptable or extremely acceptable and 100% confirmed the steak was at least average.
  • Is the steak tender?: 96.7% responded that the steak was at least average for tenderness and 14.7% said the steak was extremely tender.
  • Is the steak juicy?: respondents rated the steak average or above 88.7% of the time.
  • Is the steak flavorful?: 100%of the respondents called the steak at least average, 79% said the flavor of the steak was desirable or extremely desirable.
  • Would you order it at a restaurant?: 96.7% said they would.
  • How much would you spend on this steak while eating out?: 26 percent said $10.51 to $12.50, and 8 percent more said up to $15.

According to the Times Record News, one meat producer said, “Yep, I’d take that steak to the grill.” Coming from someone who could stake their career on it (pun intended) that’s saying something.

Alright, we’re ready to taste it. Bring on the Vegas Strip Steak.

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