Las Vegas Strip Steak Patent “Moves Forward”


The patent application for the “Las Vegas Strip Steak” as filed with
the World Intellectual Property Organization has been made public.
Now we know where that elusive steak comes from.


The patent application still does not appear at the USTPO site (that I
can find)

Still time to take me up on that bet, Mark. Or maybe you’ll want to
chicken out after you read some excerpts from this article (not that
you haven’t already chickened out). Some folks may remember that Mark
insisted the patent would be granted. I felt otherwise. And Mark
kinda blew a gasket over the whole issue whereas I was content to wait
for the outcome at the USTPO.



“U.S. patent law doesn’t allow naturally occurring products to be
patented. But if a patent seeker can show that the product has been
sufficiently isolated, Ragavan said, the patent is more likely to be

Ragavan compared OSU’s patent application to another application at
the center of a case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. The
court heard a challenge Monday against patents for two genes held by
Myriad Genetics, a Salt Lake City-based biotech company.

The company argued its patents are valid because the company’s
researchers isolated the human genes, which they say play a role in
the development of breast cancer.

Ragavan said she thinks the outcome of the Myriad Genetics case will
likely affect the outcome of OSU’s steak patent. The question at the
center of the two cases is the same, she said ¡X when a naturally
occurring material is isolated from its natural source, is it
patentable? And how isolated does that material have to be?

It will now be up to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to decide if
OSU has met that threshold.”

(Note that their trademark application has alreadfy been denied, yet
they still claim “Las Vegas Strip Steak” *is* a trademark on their
website. Subway tried to pull the same with their claim to “Footlong”
and got slapped for it)

You know if you don’t take me up on my bet, Mark, that you forfeit all
rights to be able to gloat and hold this over my head for the rest of
my life. So if you don’t take me up on the best, I can’t lose! And
you’re not going to kill me as easily as you did Bob Pastorio with
your “food grade propane” argument – Hah!


Read the original article here.

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